For Prospective Apprentices

Apprentices learn while working, building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money all at the same time. 

An apprenticeship normally lasts between a minimum of one and three years and there are two levels: Intermediate Apprenticeship and Advanced Apprenticeship so you can start at the level that suits you. Previous qualifications will be important but the main things you need are enthusiasm, motivation and the wish to learn.

An apprenticeship is basically a set of qualifications called a ‘framework’ developed by employer representative groups. Most apprenticeship frameworks follow a standard format: a learning provider provides the knowledge and develops skills while the employer provides the practical experience to put those skills to the test. Training can be classroom based, in a workshop or in a workplace, depending on the subject and on the learning provider.A third level Higher Apprenticeship is being developed and is now available in a number of industries - this can take you into higher education via the apprenticeship route! 

So an apprenticeship can be organised in many different ways with different mixes of learning at work or at training centres. Some training organisations will also help you to find a job as well as organise your training.

If you have a job already and your employer wants you to start an apprenticeship you can normally start right away.


Click on the links below for useful information:

Links for Prospective Apprentices

National Government Apprenticeship information

The national website for information on apprenticeships.

National Minimum Wage For Apprentices

This site explains the National Minimum Wage laws that apply to apprentices and tells you the minimum that you should be paid.

Apprenticeship Frameworks Online

This site will give you all the detailed information on the content of apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships for each occupational area.

National Careers Service

Not Going to Uni

Careers advice, information and support for people of all ages from this new service launched in April 2012. Call 0800 100 900 to book an appointment to speak to an advisor your local National Careers Service office. 

Advice and info for all those who choose not to go to university. As the site says...'We're led to believe that university is the only route to success. Not going to university doesn't mean your life is over, nor does it mean you can't be successful. We're here to inspire, advise, give you opportunities and help you to succeed in your chosen path. Welcome to the University of Life!'. 

NUS Extra for Apprentices

NUS Extra provides discounts in-store and online for a range of brands, and is now available for apprentices. 


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