3D printing & VR

Location: Great Hall, Hall Place and Gardens

Date and time: Thursday 28 June 2018 (12:00 – 15:00)

Exhibitors included: Samsung - Handy AV, Innovate UK, ZMAPPING, HW Audio and Bluelime!

Bexley's advanced technology ambassadors can be found here

The free business support event was well turned out with 61 tickets sold to local businesses from all over the borough.

The event was designed to support Bexley businesses better market their value and take their businesses to the next level with the use of advanced technology.

The event started off with the London Borough of Bexley's assistant chief executive, Jane Richardson, talking about the vision for Bexley's Growth Strategy. The Growth Strategy can be found here.

This was followed by exciting talks from Bexley's own ambassadors (Samsung - Handy AV, HW Audio and Bluelime) who are currently benefitting from advanced technology such as VR, 3D printing and 3D Modelling and shared their experiences to the audience. The ambassador talks were followed by Zmapping London demonstrating state of the art 3D modelling software and Innovate UK on technology funding for businesses.

To conclude the day, businesses were invited to network and demo the equipment.  

Many businesses expressed praise for the event with a few agreeing that it was 'interesting to see and learn about tech that they didn’t know existed' 


Bexley for Business provides bi-monthly business support events. If you are interested in being part of any future events please email:  business@bexley.gov.uk