ADM - Erith

You may not have heard of ADM Oils before but the chances are that if you live in the south east of England and use vegetable oil to cook with then you have probably used their products.  Amongst other things they refine and produce edible oils and fats and supply many of the most popular household brands in UK.  ADM is a US owned multinational headquartered in Illinois and operates in more than 140 countries on six continents.

Their plant in Erith processes about 1 million tons per year, and is the largest processing facility of its kind in the U.K. The plant crushes the seeds and refines the crude oil – known in North America as canola oil – into about 385,000 tons of refined oil used in a variety of food ingredients and in biofuels throughout Europe. The meal from these crushing operations is used as feed by livestock producers in the U.K., France and Ireland.

The plant, originally known as Erith Oil Works, has been in existence since 1908.  Throughout that time it has been a mainstay of the local business community, employing many local people. It is also a major river user and today it still ships over 300,000 tons of refined oils from its dedicated wharf to its operation in Purfleet and elsewhere.

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The commercial wharves on the River Thames in Bexley are amongst the hardest working in London.  As a result of established river users like ADM Oils, Bexley is responsible for the largest volumes of river borne freight of any of the London Boroughs. 

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