Start Up Loans

Bexley for Business is working with the Start Up Loans Company to unlock all the entrepreneurial potential that Bexley has to offer.

Small business is the life blood of any prosperous economy so by offering competitive loans and ongoing mentorship, together we hope to inject new vitality in to the local and wider economies. Loans range from £500 to £10,000, and each is coupled with an expert mentor from the region and industry to support the business in the initial phase of business development.

Bexley for Business and the Start Up Loans Company are here to help all you would be entrepreneurs and new businesses in finding and staying on your feet.

So if you’re an individual looking to start up your own business or a new business (less than 12 months) that could use a little cash injection, why don’t you visit the Start Up Loans Company website and turn your idea in to a reality?